Custom Smoke Shop Inventory Estimate

Sale price$75.00


If you don't know where to start on purchasing inventory, I can help with that. is the right one for your store, than this bundle is right for you. By purchasing this Custom Smoke Shop Inventory Estimate, you will get an inventory estimate from my current wholesale Inventory. I'll hand picked items and added them to an estimate. This list is an estimate and you can add or subtract from it. But this will give you a starting point for when you need help. This list will give you a wide selection of products.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • These lists are estimates. When I make this list, they are based on current inventory.
  • We get new items and we sell out of items. So items that are unavailable when you place your inventory order with our company, we will be able to swap for different colors, flavors, and scents of items. We will also be able to swap items for like minded products if a particular product has sold out.
  • You will be contacted after purchase to fill out a questionnaire so I can better build your list.
  • If you make the Inventory purchase from my Wholesale Company, UNS WHOLESALE, within 90 days of purchasing this inventory list, I will give you your $75.00 as an invoice credit on your purchase.

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